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Clump is Shawn Patrello's most sought after workshop and probably his favorite to teach. The workshop consists of a variety of improv exercises and games with an emphasis on physical comedy. Think of it as a comedy/improv "sampler." A little something for everybody. 


Offline is a workshop that provides kids with the opportunity to "unplug" for a while. The improv games and exercises in this workshop are purposely designed to simulate some of the things kids love about the internet without them having glazed over look that come from being online.  


Preesho (pre-show) is a workshop designed by Shawn Patrello specifically for the purpose

of bring a performing group together. While improv is at the heart of this workshop, it

also includes many excellent team building activities to help participants become a more

cohesive group. This is the perfect workshop to implement BEFORE the play (or any other

important "performance") hits the stage. Of course, the workshop would be effective during any phase of a process that involves some form of ensemble work. 


Custom workshops are always available to suit your particular needs. The workshops can

be tailored to address any situation that you feel would benefit from the of the art of improvisational comedy. Which means... pretty much ANY situation! 

Contact Shawn with any questions about the workshops.

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