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In 1986, Shawn Patrello was fortunate enough to become a member of the ComedySportz improv troupe that had been newly formed in Dallas, TX. He stayed with them for about 4 years and then set out on his own and founded a new improv comedy troupe called, Rubber Chicken. Rubber Chicken enjoyed 10 years of amazing audiences who had come to see their special brand of very physical, family friendly, improv comedy. Shawn has also been a performer and improv teacher with Kidprov, an educational improv troupe in Dallas, for over 26 years! Kidprov performs all over Texas (and the U.S) and specializes in improv that reinforces school curriculum in a fun and creative way. Kidprov also offers a powerful teacher's in-service, with a gifted and talented focus, under the name of Unchained Brains. For the past 18 years, Shawn has also been performing improv comedy on a regular basis with Fish Sticks (FKA Himprov), another family friendly provider of pure improv comedy. Another area that has allowed Shawn to utilize his improv skills has been in his work as a Doctor Clown (Dr. Scribbles) at Children's Health in Dallas where he gets to entertain sick

kids as a part of the professional medical clown troupe, Funnyatrics. 

Shawn's devotion to improvisational comedy also continues in the improv/physical

comedy workshops he has created for both kids and adults at various locations in

Dallas, TX.

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